Lisa Blevens (born 1968)

Lisa Blevens creates elegant drawings, paintings, prints and fabric art, all patterned with color in a myriad of small shapes such as hearts, flowers, circles, triangles and stripes. Some of her art suggest radiating stars or suns or feature fanciful
butterflies, pinwheels or clown faces. In some works on paper, the “negative” white space defined by the dynamic outlines of surrounding patterns comes alive and is as equally important to the composition. In another direction, Blevens chooses to frame her painted quilting squares with black borders, offsetting and intensifying the colors they surround. In January 1996 at age 28, Blevens wanted to take an art course and enrolled at NIAD two days a week. For the remaining three days, this petite woman stocks and bags groceries at a supermarket, a job she has held since 1986. Blevens’s art has appeared in several NIAD exhibits each year since 1997. Her work has also traveled to Santa Fe and Little Rock in 2000. NIAD’s May 2005 exhibit, “Be Animated at NIAD!” featured two of her drawings.






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