Nancy Sutherland (born 1945)

Nancy Sutherland lives and works in Boston. She writes the following about her work.

The creatures: “I have always seen random objects as potential body parts. I might come upon a beautiful crushed bottle cap rusted to a deep honey-gold and in my imagination it is one curl on the head of an angel. I’d have to say my biggest influence is the fairy godmother in Cinderella. My creatures are, to quote Deepak Chopra, ‘the spontaneous fulfillment of desire.’ My creatures are sacred to me. When I work I obey no rules; my goal and my joy is to amaze myself.

The quilts: "As a very young girl I dreamt of being chased by colors that I feared would consume me. Today, those colors not only consume me, they define me. Like the Mayan woman sitting on the ground weaving the Universe into her cloth with colors, I sit on the floor ripping strips of cloth in the vibrant colors of my dreams, piecing them into Prayers of Joy to the Universe they awakened in me. I am one more jewel in the necklace of women who came before me, dreaming of colors."

Sutherland never intended these works for the marketplace. The Berenberg Gallery is honored to present ReVisions, Sutherland’s first exhibition of her quilts and creatures.

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