Cathy Anderson (1966-1995)

Cathy Anderson was a person with autism who found her true voice in art. She died at the young age of twenty-nine years but in her short life she created an extensive body of artwork. Anderson spent from 1993 -1995 working at Gateway Arts in Brookline, Massachusetts. Observation played an important part in her life as an artist where she captured memories and recorded the present. She enjoyed experimenting with color and creating spatial illusions with an intuitive form of perspective drawing. Anderson experimented with color and texture and playfully incorporated appealing images and ideas. Because she was unable to express herself verbally, her art was a means of communicating her observations of the world and the different way in which she experienced it. Locally, Anderson’s art has been exhibited at the Gateway Gallery in Brookline, the Clark Gallery in Lincoln, and Brandeis University in Waltham. Her work has been shown in New York at the Outsider Art Fair and Bridges and Bodell Gallery. She also exhibited at the Very Special Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. Anderson won an award from the Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults in London, England and from The Ebensburg Center in Pennsylvania. In 1996 her art was featured in the exhibition “From the Outside In,” at the Fuller Museum of Art in Brockton, Massachusetts.




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