Larry Edmiston (born 1958)

Born in Baltimore, Edmiston moved to Pennsylvania and Connecticut before settling in Massachusetts. He worked for Goodwill Industries in Lowell for thirteen years and began attending Gateway Arts in 1998. Edmiston's art focuses on personal expression as opposed to the repression that he experienced while involved with a fundamentalist religious group during his high school years. He attempts to transform the bad memories of this experience through his art, which incorporates his interest in the use and misuse of religion. He is also fascinated by the late actresses Natalie Wood and Marilyn Monroe; who populate his work. Edmiston has an unusual sense of humor and his work is sometimes filled with words as well as images. He creates lists of familiar items such as song titles and includes clever twists and puns, as well as philosophical opposites. His work has been exhibited in the Gateway Arts Gallery and has been represented at the Outsider Art Fair in New York.




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