Sylvia Fragoso (born 1962)

Sylvia Fragoso’s art celebrates life in a joyful, playful way that reflects a love of nature, people, church, and the vibrant color combinations of her Hispanic heritage. She uses colored pencils, felt pens, and paint to create mosaic and web-like compositions rich with transformations in which people can become animals, flowers become people, and eyes become suns. Some of her creations deal with the pure abstract synthesis of color and design. Fragoso was born with Down Syndrome and started drawing and painting at the age of twenty-two when she joined the National Institute of Art and Disabilities (NIAD) in Richmond, California. She lives with her family and enjoys bowling and music and has participated in the state Olympics for gymnastics. Her work has been exhibited in Miyazaki, Japan and Shanghai, China; at the Webb and Parsons Gallery in Vermont; Very Special Art Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida; Community College of Southern Nevada; and in NIAD’s traveling exhibit, “The Creative Spirit”. Her work was included in an exhibition at the Richmond Art Center in 1992; in “California Discoveries” in Santa Monica in 1993; and in “Wind in My Hair” at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland in 1996. When Fragoso appeared on television in 1992 she was asked if she was a good artist. She proudly responded, “I am. Yes, I am.”


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