Dot Kibbee (born 1916)

Dot Kibbee was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and later moved to New Hampshire. Kibbee has spent most of her life in Hardwick, Vermont, where she worked as a community nurse for many years. She supported herself and her two sons and is still “on call” to many. Now, Kibbee says, she nurses by listening and painting. Kibbee has been a regular at GRACE’s Greensboro, Vermont Town Hall community workshop since the mid 1980s. Her paintings feature heavily patterned renderings of imaginary landscapes inhabited by snakes, butterflies, turtles, and tiny people that evoke poignant incidents and spiritual experiences from her life. Kibbee reflects, “I don’t really know what I’m doing but I know it is good when my heart starts beating fast and my face gets all hot and red”. Her art has been exhibited throughout the region as well as nationally and internationally. Kibbee’s work is represented in the traveling exhibition “Signals and Messages: Celebrating 25 Years of GRACE.”


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