Emily Malin (born 1971)

Emily Malin has been exploring various art forms since childhood. In the last nine years she has concentrated on watercolor, using the extraordinary abundance of simple yet interesting everyday objects as her subject matter. A native of Massachusetts, Malin attended the Arlington public schools and in the years between 1984-94, she was at the Perkins School for the Blind, the Cotting School, and Massachusetts Hospital School. Since 1994 Malin has been painting in her home using a table easel with some assistance from her art teacher who helps with mixing colors. She has made her work available through the sale of a limited edition of Iris prints and an extensive line of note cards made from her paintings. Malin has been a member of the Cambridge Art Association since 1995, where her paintings have been exhibited and received special recognition. Malin has participated in the annual summer Windows Art Project sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council and in 2001 and 2002 she participated in the Arlington Open Studios. Malin work received recognition at the 2004 Outsider Art Fair in New York.





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