Erika Marquardt (born 1937)

Erika Marquardt was born in Potsdam, Germany, where, as a child, she spent the war years. At age twenty she immigrated to America. After raising four children, she turned to painting in earnest. She is self-taught and has exhibited in New England, New York, and in Germany.

Artist Statement
I see myself as an intuitive painter. It’s not a planned process. Somehow I start to paint an image and it’s more like a thought that comes out. It’s more a memory. I grew up in the company of women and kids, trying to survive in a war I couldn’t understand. The sound of the sirens, running for your life to find shelter, and, at night, the fantastic flash and detonation of houses being hit. And then the Berlin Wall coming down, the feeling of my youth. How differently I could have grown up. When I paint my figures I feel that they are part of a tissue—they are loosely painted. I pull them out of myself slowly like pieces of skin that rip in the process.





























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