R.A. Miller (1912 - 2006)

Reuben Miller was born and raised on the family farm in Rabbit Town, Georgia, where he still resides. Miller, whose reading and writing skills are very limited, worked in a cotton factory for over thirty years in addition to tending the farm. He is also an ordained minister of the Free Will Baptist Church and religious messages such as “Lord love you” can often be found written on his work. Like many of his generation of folk artists, Miller didn’t begin his artistic work until he retired at the age of seventy when he developed glaucoma. His most well known work includes simply shaped animals, dinosaurs, figures, and devils cut from flattened tin gutters. He paints the tin forms with enamel paint and often attaches them to the whirligigs. Miller also creates drawings on panel using felt markers. He finds inspiration for his art from television as well as from his life experiences. At this time, Miller’s glaucoma has advanced to the point where he is only drawing on panel (his son and daughter have taken over the production of the tin pieces.) Miller’s work was shown in the exhibition, “Outside the Mainstream: Folk Art in Our Time” in 1988 at the High Museum in Atlanta and he is currently represented in the exhibition, “Outsider Art and Folk Art: The Chicago Collections” on view in Chicago.


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