William Pimental (born 1954)

William Pimental grew up in East Cambridge, Massachusetts where he currently resides. He began painting in 1997 when he entered the newly formed Resources for Human Development day program, Outside the Lines Studio (OTL) in Cambridge. Pimental became immediately involved in painting and began regularly attending OTL’s studio program. While he has experimented working with a variety of mediums including sculpture and clay, he prefers creating with paint and charcoal. Painting with a frantic intensity, Pimental’s art emerges from his imagination and soul. He uses large amounts of paint but only one brush, which he does not clean before changing colors. His work consists of many layers of paint and can take several days to dry. Pimental paints with such speed that he often begins as many as ten paintings a day. The dynamic results of his paintings are a culmination of the strength of his brushstrokes, his uninhibited use of color, and the piercing look of his self-portraits. It is the process of his work that is truly fascinating. Pimental’s approach to the canvas is intense, direct, and sometimes ferocious. Pimental’s work has been seen in numerous exhibitions in the Boston area and he was represented by the Berenberg Gallery at the 2003 Outsider Art Fair in New York City.

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