Ray Ryan (born 1965)

Ray Ryan was born and raised in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He lived on the west coast for twenty years where he worked as a Victorian house painter. Ryan’s fascination with volcanoes has been a life-long passion. Living in California and Seattle, he has hiked through and explored volcanic areas searching for precious gems produced by volcanoes. He is awed by the beauty and power of this natural phenomenon and has been inspired by the grandeur of Mount Rainier and Mount St Helens. Ryan’s intricately detailed and colorful drawings of volcanoes, are painstakingly created using permanent pen and Prisma color on Bristol board. The execution of a drawing can take between 150 – 200 hours to complete. Leaving virtually no space untouched on the page, one must look closely to discover the narratives at play in Ryan’s volcanic environments. Men in space ships, space lizards, planets, and ancient pyramids mysteriously inhabit these fantastic worlds. Ryan looks forward to returning to the West Coast where he first tapped into the energy that has taken him on his journey as a visual artist.




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