Carmella Salvucci (born 1951)

Carmella Salvucci was born in Somerville, MA, and as a young child would amaze those around her with her ability to draw and color. Even at this early age, she possessed facility for reproducing images in great detail from life and photographs. Salvucci began attending Gateway Crafts in 1975, and her special talents were quickly recognized and nourished. She possesses keen observation skills that she draws upon when interpreting the world around her and the patterns in nature. Salvucci also works from her imagination. Her ability to express through her art her interior world of houses, flowers, trees, animals, and birds has helped her through difficult times in her life. Salvucci is a talented colorist, and her use of bright colors is an expression of the joy she takes in creating her art. Salvucci’s paintings are widely collected, and she has executed many commissioned works. Her work has been included in several exhibitions at the Very Special Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C., where in 1995 she was the Massachusetts representative in Once Around America, an exhibition of art by people with disabilities. Her painting has also been featured at the Outsider Art Fair in New York.


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