Lukas Weber

Artist Statement:

My name is Lukas Konrad Weber, I was born in Chicago Illinois.  My father and mother were both artists.  I was diagnosed as a schitzophrenic.  Doing art relaxes me like shapes and sculpture:  doing things for fun.  I have an idea, and I try to realize it, try to make sure it is appealing:  but I haven’t gotten around to do the things I always dreamed, seeing other artists work. I took a class at Parson's University and Pratt in Brooklyn. That was very hard for me, because I was on medication and could barely hold a pencil.  I sometimes like to work with a camera.  I don't know what you could call my art, except like something like Lukas'’ backyard.  Things hanging around, talk to me and entertain me.

Lukas Weber is a member of Spindleworks, a nonprofit organization for artists with disabilities in Brunswick, Maine.


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