Bohill Wong (born 1934)

Bohill Wong was born in Hong Kong. He began attending Gateway Arts in 1979 after he was discovered in a nursing home, creating drawings on any scrap of paper he could find. Since that time, he has made remarkable strides and has successfully transformed himself from an institutionalized individual to an independent person who lives in his own apartment. Wong travels about the city, sketchbook in hand. He is a dedicated artist who draws constantly and records events in his life through his art. His zany sense of humor and vivid imagination are expressed through his art where he creates beautiful women snakes (often wearing high heels), as well as fruits, vegetables, and household appliances with arms, legs, and faces. Sexy women dressed to the nines and bathing beauties in competitions are among his favorite subjects. Along with completing numerous commissioned works, Wong has an ongoing affiliation with the Very Special Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. He has shown in several prominent New York galleries and in 1997 was featured in Greater Boston Arts, production by WGBH public television.







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