Tips for Collecting
The gallery staff is pleased to work with both new and established collectors in developing and enhancing their collections. Gallery Director Lorri Berenberg has become known for her skills in guiding new collectors through the process of acquiring works of art. Here are some recommendations we'd like to share.
Trust your intuition

Purchase works of art that you feel passionate about. Most folk art will hold its value and is likely to appreciate in value, but don't buy for financial investment. Buy what you love.

Educate yourself

Learn about the artists and the kind of work that you are buying. Gain exposure to as much as you can by visiting artists, galleries, museums, and folk art festivals. This field is growing in leaps and bounds and gaining popularity among collectors. There are many good books and periodicals that are dedicated to contemporary folk and self-taught art.

Start small

Build your collection piece by piece. Large collections are not necessarily better than having a few wonderful pieces. Give your collection shape as you add new purchases. It may help to focus on one artist, or one type of art, or art from a particular region.

Develop your eye

Hone your looking skills and develop a discerning eye. When making decisions ask yourself - what do I like about this piece? What about it speaks to me? Trust your judgment and work with dealers who take the time to guide you through this process.

Work with reputable dealers/consultants

Establish a relationship with a dealer or art consultant whom you trust and who is knowledgeable about the field. Once a dealer understands your tastes and budget, s/he can be very helpful in locating works of art that will enhance your collection.

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